About Foyle's War

While WWII rages across the Channel, police detective Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen) reluctantly remains on duty in his quiet English coastal town. The battle comes to Foyle in its own way as he probes war-related cases of murder, espionage, and treason. Mystery blends with history, moral complexity, and period atmosphere in this splendid British series.

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May, 1940

Foyle is rejected from joining the war and Sam Stewart becomes his driver.

May, 1940

Andrew joins the RAF and Paul returns to the police force.

July, 1940

Battle of Britain

June 22, 1940

France signs armistice with Germany

June, 1941

Germany invades the Soviet Union

February, 1941

Andrew is moved to training duty

April, 1942

Andrew writes a Dear Jane letter to Sam

December, 1941

Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, the U.S. decares war on Japan

March, 1943

Foyle retires when he’s prevented from convicting the culprits

December, 1942

Milner’s estranged wife is murdered.

September, 1943

Italy surrenders

May, 1943

Axis troops in Northern Africa surrender

June 6, 1944


April, 1944

Foyle comes out of retirement when his replacement is murdered

December, 1944

Battle of the Bulge

September, 1944

Operation Market Garden

May, 1945

Germany surrenders

May, 1945

Foyle retires and Edith gives birth to a daughter, Clementine

August, 1945

Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki

June, 1945

Foyle comes out of retirement

September 2, 1945

Japan surrenders, ending the war

August, 1945

Foyle retires again and leaves for America

September 6, 1946

An American diplomat’s telegram sets the stage for Cold War policy

July 1946

Foyle returns from the United States and begins working with MI5