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Sam Wainwright (née Stewart)

Played by Honeysuckle Weeks

Character Bio:

Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks) joins the Mechanised Transport Corps at the outbreak of the war. She is seconded to the police force as a driver in the first episode to relieve staff shortages within the police force, and becomes Foyle's driver. She is very enthusiastic about police work, offering unsolicited advice and help to Foyle and Milner – despite Foyle's initial instructions that she is not to discuss police work. As the series progresses, they come to rely on her assistance more and more, primarily when she happens to overhear bits of important conversation. In "Plan of Attack" we learn that she left police service soon after Foyle's resignation, but in that episode she returns to be his driver on his rejoining the force.

Sam has a healthy appetite; her struggles with rationing are a constant theme, played for humor. She invites herself to eat with Foyle on a number of occasions and covets a turkey (kept for evidence) in "Bleak Midwinter".

Sam's father and uncle are Church of England vicars. Her father, the Rev. Iain Stewart (Stephen Moore), visits her in Hastings at one point ("Eagle Day"). He wants her to return home but comes to see that her work for the police is important (after discussions with Foyle, and using his university training in art to help Milner solve a crime). Sam stays with her uncle, the Rev. Aubrey Stewart (Brian Poyser), at his vicarage in Levenham during the episode "The French Drop", and Foyle houses him during an ecumenical conference near Hastings in "Plan of Attack". In the same episode, she states that all her uncles are vicars.

Sam becomes friendly with Andrew Foyle and, after a while, is involved romantically with him. The two attempt to keep their attachment from Andrew's father, fearing his disapproval. Sam provides support to Andrew when he suffers from shell shock in "Enemy Fire". Their relationship ends when Andrew sends her a "Dear Jane letter" in "Invasion". She becomes fond of American Private Joe Farnetti (Jonah Lotan) but turns him down when he asks her to marry him, though the relationship appears to have continued until sometime after D Day, since she complains in "Broken Souls" that he "ran off with some French girl". Andrew returns in "All Clear" and asks Sam to forgive him and as they go out to celebrate VE day it seems that their romance will be re-established, though it is not. Series 7 begins in June 1945 and Sam has found a job as housekeeper to a wealthy artist. Sam seems to have lost her sense of purpose along with her uniform and position as Foyle's driver. Later in the seventh series, Sam has a new love interest, Adam Wainwright, played by Max Brown, a former Bletchley Park codebreaker who proposes to her in that series' final episode. In Series 8, the couple has wed and Adam is running for office, but their happy home life is threatened when Sam is suspected of collaborating with the Russians. Sam and Foyle reunite, and Foyle secures her a position as his driver at MI5.

In 2004 Honeysuckle Weeks was nominated for the National Television Award – Most Popular Newcomer.

Actor Bio

Weeks was born in Cardiff, Wales, to Robin and Susan (née Wade) (who have since divorced), and grew up in Chichester and Petworth, both in West Sussex. Her parents named her after honeysuckle flowers because they were in bloom when she was born. She has a younger sister and brother, Perdita and Rollo, respectively, both of whom have also pursued careers in acting.

Weeks was educated at Great Ballard School, Sussex, Roedean School and Pembroke College, Oxford, where she read English (graduating with upper-second class honours). She also spent time studying art in Italy. As a child she was a member of the Chichester Festival Theatre.

She was engaged to the poet and musician Anno Birkin for a short period before his death, aged 20, in a car crash in Italy in 2001.

In July 2007 she married hypnotherapist Lorne Stormonth-Darling. They live in London. They had earlier been married in an impromptu Buddhist wedding ceremony while on holiday in the Himalayas in 2005.

Her acting career started with the juvenile lead in a television series (an adaptation of Anne Fine's Goggle Eyes, 1993, alongside Perdita); since then she has appeared in many programmes, including the children's series The Wild House and the long-running series Midsomer Murders and Poirot. In 1997 Honeysuckle and Perdita were both in Catherine Cookson'The Rag Nymph, wherein Perdita played the younger version of her sister's character. Her film roles include Anne Ridd in Lorna Doone (2000) and Sarah in My Brother Tom (2001). She also starred in The Bill in 2008 as Julie Nowak.

Weeks is currently best known for her parts in three television series: Close Relations (1998), Ladies & Their Gentlemen (2002–2006), and Foyle's War(2002–2010). In the last, a BAFTA award-winning detective series set in Hastings during and just after World War II, she starred opposite Michael Kitchen. In 2007, Weeks starred in The Inspector Lynley Mysteries as Tania Thompson, a character based on the Canadian serial killer Karla Homolka. In 2008, she appeared as Harriet Pringle in the Radio 4 adaptation of Fortunes of War.

Weeks is currently appearing as Eliza Doolittle in a production of Pygmalion at the Chichester Festival Theatre in West Sussex.

In 2012, she played a small part as Mrs. Beeton in an episode of the BBC educational programme The Charles Dickens Show.

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