Foyle's War 7 "The Eternity Ring" In Depth Summary

Posted September 17th, 2013

Foyle's War 7 Episode 1: The Eternity Ring Summary

Opening SceneExplosions. Russian spies. A homecoming. Season 7 of Foyle’s war bursts into action with international schemes and secrets. It begins with the testing of the atom bomb by physicists Professor Michael Fraser and Max Hoffman. Hoffman, Fraser, and Fraser’s wife, Helen, view the explosion from a distance of 5.68 miles and are assured of their safety. People who worked on the bomb voice their concerns, but the detonation is successful, shaking the ground beneath onlookers 10,000 yards away. Although World War II nears its end, the creation of the atom bomb also ensures that a new conflict has just begun.


Fresh from a stay in America, Foyle is stopped in the street by a former Hastings coworker, PC Frank Shaw, himself just back from Singapore after serving for six years. Their conversation is interrupted by Arthur Valentine, an  MI5 agent, who asks Foyle to come with him. Foyle protests, informing Valentine that he had “been stuck on a boat for the past five days and am off home now.” Valentine reminds Foyle that he’s wanted by the FBI in America, and Foyle reluctantly follows the agent.Hilda Pierce


Miss Hilda Pierce, now working for MI5, greets Foyle. She speaks of a new war, a new enemy—the Soviets. Pierce states, “George Orwell calls it the Cold War.” She needs Foyle’s investigative eye. If Foyle doesn’t go with them to London, they will hand him over to the FBI in America. Once in London, Foyle meets the deputy head of MI5, Sir William Chambers, and is briefed on the situation at hand. MI5 fears that Stalin may gain access to the atom bomb. A Soviet defector, Aleksei Gorin, has tipped them off about the existence of a Soviet spy ring in England, dubbed the “Eternity Ring.” If it exists, it poses a threat to national security. However, MI5 is uncertain—and it needs Foyle’s help.


Chambers produces a photo of Foyle’s former driver, Samantha Wainwright, with Marc Vlessing, who they suspect is in cahoots with the Soviets. Foyle is tasked with finding out what’s really going on. Sam has been employed as Professor Fraser’s assistant since his wife fell ill. She is now married to Adam Wainwright, a politician aspiring to become an MP.Fraser's Dinner


Foyle interrogates the defector Aleksei Gorin and finds him to be genuine; he believes Gorin defected because he met a girl in London. However, Sam Wainwright remains connected to possible Soviet spies, and Foyle is determined to prove her innocence. Foyle tracks down Sam but neglects to tell her why he’s in London. She tells him about her work for the physicist Michael Fraser. Sam then introduces Foyle to Professor Fraser, who invites Foyle to his home for dinner.


Foyle’s dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Fraser and his colleague, Max Hoffman, leads the detective to question their involvement with the Soviets. The next day, Hoffman finds out that Foyle has links to MI5. This leads Fraser to believe that Sam is also connected to MI5, even though she remains unaware of Foyle’s newest venture. The Frasers promptly fire Sam because they fear being prosecuted for sharing information about the atom bomb with the Soviets or being connected to the Russians in any way.Fraser's Dinner


Foyle believes the only way forward is to speak to Marc Vlessing, a man thought to be involved in the Eternity Ring and also a contact of Max Hoffman’s, the physicist who helped Fraser complete the atom bomb. Unfortunately, as Vlessing flees from approaching MI5 agents, he is hit by a car in the street and hospitalized, ruining MI5’s opportunity to find out what he knows about the Soviets.


Sam confronts Foyle. She tells him that she has never met or even heard of Marc Vlessing, and she is upset that Foyle’s actions led to the loss of her job. Sam also confesses that she won’t be able to conceive a child and that she hasn’t told Adam yet. After speaking with Sam, Foyle confirms that she is not a spy, nor is she involved with the Russians. Sam agrees to help Foyle figure out the situation and why she has been implicated. Meanwhile, MI5 has experienced a security breach in which 190 micrograms of uranium were stolen. They rush to question Vlessing, only to find that he has been killed by lethal injection. Pierce suspects a Soviet operation. Both Hoffman and Fraser were in the area at the time when the uranium was stolen. 

 Vlessings House

Off on their own investigation, Foyle and Sam use a stolen key to break into Marc Vlessing’s room. While there, they are met by officials who evacuate the premises due to the presence of radiation in the room. Meanwhile, Adam Wainwright waits for Sam outside the courthouse before his interview to become a candidate for Parliament. However, Sam is not allowed to leave until she has been cleared by the radiation squad. Reluctantly, Adam goes in alone and begins answering questions about his political platform without Sam. She later rushes in, looking worse for the wear in a hospital jumpsuit, and embarrasses Adam in front of the members that will determine his fate as a candidate. She promises that she is committed to Adam and his candidacy.


After Sir William Chambers is spotted sneaking around with a Soviet agent, Arthur Valentine tells Foyle that Pierce doesn’t trust Chambers. Foyle confronts Pierce about the existence of the Eternity Ring, pointing out that MI5 lacks real evidence. Everything they have is made up, and the only person implicated—Vlessing—is dead. Foyle believes Pierce and MI5 have created a fake spy ring. He asks her if she believes William Chambers is a double agent. Foyle finds out that Pierce has been pulling the strings all along, leading Chambers to reveal himself as a double agent. With that, Chambers disappears from the country and MI5. Adam wins nomination


Sam is greeted with the great news that her husband has been selected as the MP candidate. The young couple, elated by the news, sets off to start planning Adam’s campaign. In the end, Foyle pays a visit to Professor Fraser. Revealing the whole situation, Foyle tells Fraser that he had been trying to convince MI5 that Fraser wasn’t a spy. However, Foyle has discovered something that makes Fraser a traitor nonetheless. Fraser had been sharing information with the Soviets regarding science, uranium samples, and chemical bombs. His wife and coworker, Helen, had become sick from radiation poisoning. The professor claims that scientists must share information like that of the atom bomb for the safety of mankind. Foyle and Fraser agree that it will be best for Fraser to confess to MI5.


Foyle accepts the jobMiss Pierce convinces Foyle to stay with MI5, knowing that he’s always wanted to be a part of the service. Foyle, not ready to settle down, agrees to Pierce’s offer with one main request: “I need a driver. You owe it to her. So do I.” And with that, we find Foyle and Sam back in action in a new world of secrecy, twists, and turns—in the midst of the Cold War.  


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